Random House launches POD program

Random House Australia (RHA) has launched a print on demand (POD) program that will allow it to produce single copies of out-of-print titles. The program, which has been 18 months in the planning, is in partnership with Sydney-based SOS Print+Media and will cover out-of-print in-copyright Random House titles that sell nine or less copies per year.

More Info:

“Random House is the first Australian trade publisher to offer print-on-demand for its out-of-print books. Rather than a six-week wait for an overseas edition, or a hopeless search for a local one, you can order a title from a bookshop and have it within a week for perhaps a dollar more than the usual retail price. Random’s sales director, Gavin Schwarcz, gives the example of Leaning Towards Infinity, by Sue Woolfe, a bestseller in 1996 but now out of print and with demand for three to five copies a year. Printing and binding on a big photocopier-like machine, SOS Print and Media can fill those orders one copy at a time. And the author gets a normal royalty.”