Pegasus distribute hundreds of packages every day from our two distribution centres using the most appropriate transport provider. Options include

Australia Post an picking up daily
  • a fleet of vans for local deliveries and secure deliveries within NSW
  • a daily overnight truck to Melbourne
  • TNT and TOLL for Australia wide deliveries
  • Australia Post for deliveries of smaller items to entities and individuals with a postal address
  • letter box drops in designated areas

Most of these integrate with our online tracking systems so that delivery progress and proof of delivery can be viewed through the system in real time.

Pegasus provides data processing services for mailouts and direct mail campaigns through its in house IT team.

We conduct regular reviews of our suppliers and chose the best solution and are happy to work with a service provider of your preference.

Distribute and Print Networks

Pegasus also develops distribute and print solutions, working with print service providers Australia wide to enable on demand production of printed documents on location while maintaining central control of digital assets. One solution has been in place for almost 20 years for an Australian training organisation with learning centres in all capital cities. Pegasus works with digital print partners to enable just in time production and avoid any obsolescence. This way files for exactly the right number of participants can be printed in Perth the night before the seminar.

Pegasus also works with printers in Europe and North America for world wide just in time production of documents. Access to digital assets is controlled through a secure web portal. Half yearly audits and continuous quality checks ensure accurate production.

Distribute and print can be the ideal way to produce frequently changing materials just in time, avoiding transport charges and costly waste.