Information Management

Content Management
Content Management

Whether you want to distribute information in print or electronically and if you have a lot of it, you will need to organise it. Your documents might be in a variety of different formats, structured and unstructured, filed or piled. You might be wasting a lot of time finding, checking, re-checking files, using incorrect versions and keeping obsolete documents. To use information effectively, as a basis for decision making or for distribution to others, it needs to be managed.

The terms digital asset management, content management and knowledge management are often used without clear definition or distinction, sometimes confused with records management and even file libraries.

We set up and maintain Digital Asset Management Systems (a DAM system is a combination of software, hardware and professional services that provides a central location for storing, managing and accessing digital assets – both the files and the accompanying metadata) and manage large file libraries and information repositories for our clients that are used for print on demand, distribute and print locally and globally as well as digital distribution to end users. Our systems are based on industry standards and open source software.

Systems include some or all of these processes:

  • Ingestion:
    Preflight, checking of digital assets and technical corrections
    Digitisation of hard copy documents: scanning and document processing including Optical Character Recognition and indexing
    Add accessibility
  • Cataloguing:
    Tag and add meta data
    Accessibility options
    Version information and retention policies
  • Storage:
    Storage and backup
  • Protection:
    Definition of access policies
  • Publishing:
    Make available
  • Recording and Reporting:
    Log access
  • Archival:
    Define time to retain

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