Digital printing has enabled authors and publishers to produce books in small quantities, either for testing and marketing, to publish themselves or to make books available that do not warrant a large print run any more. With modern technology no book should be “out or print”.

Pegasus is all about production of books in short runs on demand. Unlike many other printers, who print the occasional book, we produce tens of thousands of paperbacks (as well as magazines) every month, for big, small and one-off publishers.

If you want to publish your own book and get it printed, here are some things to consider:

Getting your book ready

ISBN and CiP

Designing your book

Design and Artwork Production
Standard Book Sizes
Spine Width
Colour or Black Only?
Text Page Margins
Printer’s Key
File Specifications

Printing & Binding

Text Paper
Cover Stock
Cover Coatings and Embellishments

Pricing & Distribution


Marketing, Associations & Helpful Links

Marketing the book
Help with production, distribution and marketing