Inventory Management

Pegasus uses two warehouses to store inventory for clients: fast moving items are stored in the Alexandria warehouse (800 pallet spaces) and slower moving items are stored in the warehouse in Blacktown (>3000 pallet spaces).

The Alexandria warehouse and distribution centre is located adjacent to the digital print centre. The warehouse provides short and medium term storage for print and non print items which are managed through an inventory system. It contains over 1900 square metres of storage area with pallet racking and custom built shelving. Relevant inventory information is made accessible through custom web portals including stock levels, re-order levels, usage statistics and expenditure reports.

Hundreds of packages are distributed daily using Australia Post, a range of courier companies (TNT, TOLL) as well as our internal drivers for local deliveries.

usage charts
Inventory + Just in Time Production

The combination of Print on Demand, storage and online systems provides a powerful solution to many clients’ distribution challenges. Stored items, as well as materials produced just in time, can be assembled into kits and distributed Australia- or worldwide.

Online Systems

Custom built, web based systems can give customers access to inventory levels (and values) in real time, they can view and control re-order levels, order stock and track proofs of deliveries. These tailor made systems can interface with clients systems, e.g. to synchronise location information and produce accurate, real time reporting.

“As an example, an implementation of such a solution for one of our customers enables their sales people in the field to place orders from their hand held devices. These orders generate picking lists at Pegasus, they are fulfilled and despatched to the destination on the same day. The orders may include printed matter, some of it produced just in time, as well as promotional materials and other items. At the same time head office has full visibility of any sales person’s and any location’s activity and is alerted, should inventory levels drop below a certain point.”

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