When Bigger is ALWAYS Better

Nothing grabs attention more than a sign that’s larger than life.

Large format prints are exactly that. They’re colorful, attention-getting, and they can be seen from far away.

Decades ago, painters would be hired to painstakingly recreate movie posters into the large signs you see outside theaters. Large format printing was expensive then and not many offered this service, so those who did charged exorbitant prices.

Nowadays, technology has advanced to such an extent that it’s more affordable even with higher quality results.

If you’re advertising a product, decorating a space, or even just communicating information, why not do it with large format printing? It can be done on any kind of media, like cardboard, canvas, vinyl, even mesh; and on any kind of surface to suit each purpose.

But what is large format printing?

Large Format Printing: How Large is Large?

Large format printing is also called wide format printing or grand format printing.

What’s the difference between a large format print and other graphics?

As the name implies – its size. Any form of printing that goes beyond A3 size is considered large format. Most standard commercial printers cannot accommodate sizes beyond this, and specialist equipment is needed.

HOWEVER, because maximum print sizes can differ between printers, it could be more suitable to consider prints in certain categories to be large format. We’ll go over these in greater depth later in the article.

Five Things to Keep in Mind

Wide format printing has an expansive range of BIG advantages.

When you need to attract more crowds, want to cover more distance, and need versatility in advertising indoors or outdoors, nothing beats a bold-as-brass large format display.

1. Print Beats Digital Advertising

As we’re deeply enmeshed in the digital age, most businesses are feeling the pressure to convert to digital for their marketing activities.

But what if we tell you that nothing beats more traditional forms of advertising?

Because of the convenience and ease of access in consuming digital information, most people expect paper to become extinct. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

Neuroscientific studies have confirmed that people are more engaged and retain more information when it’s presented traditionally. Compared to digital, tangible pieces of advertising like large format prints are more likely to be recognised and remembered.

2. Large Format Prints are Versatile

They can be placed anywhere: from streets to roads to footpaths to windows and can be customised to fit any surface whatever the dimension, shape, or finish.

Oversized print formats can be used on all sorts of marketing materials, and on any medium. From posters, to banners, to decals, and even billboards; from paper to vinyl to canvas and even acrylic, you can cover every marketing angle, and have extensive reach to build up your brand image, all while presenting a cohesive brand message.

3. Large Format Prints are Large and In Charge

Large prints can improve your brand recognition and ensure its visibility – literally!

The legibility of your text and graphics in such a large size easily draws attention, shows off your product, penetrates the market, and pierces the distance of an outdoor space better than other forms of print.

Those who see your brand advertised in large format will be more inclined to recognise your product and remember your name.

Not only is large format print advertising an incredibly effective way to get your product or service to stand out, it also encourages them to follow through with the information.

4. Customisable and Sustainable

With the explosion of the green movement in recent years, there’s been a drive towards more sustainable alternatives in the printing industry.

One of the big advantages large format digital printing has over traditional offset printing, is the ability to print on demand. Offset printing is done in bulk, which results in more wastage and in unused, unnoticed promotional materials.

Large format graphics can be printed using multiple media and displayed virtually anywhere, while still incorporating your existing design and fulfilling your marketing requirements, without sacrificing quality.

5. High-Quality and Built to Last

Most large format prints are long-term advertising tools.

This brings about another bonus: they’re cost effective. Large format printing can help you promote your product or service to a wide range of consumers at a fraction of the cost of other forms of marketing.

Because many large format prints are used outdoors, they need to withstand the elements and take the abuse of constant use without fading.

Because of this, large format print options are available for many conditions such as being waterproof, UV-resistant, durable, long-lasting. After all there is nothing worse for a brand than seeing a faded billboard.

The Science of Selling: Large Format Prints for Business Marketing

As demand for large format prints increase, technological advances keep being made, and the industry continues to grow, allowing for higher quality finishes, a wider range of use, and more extensive applications.

In our daily lives, we’re constantly bombarded by advertisements in all shapes and sizes. In terms of large format, primarily, there are two main types of large format printing:

1. Large interior printing

What better way to dominate an enclosed space and create hype than with an imposing visual image on a large format print? Interior prints refer to those operated on the premises: floor signs, posters, wall murals – and even wallpaper!

2. Out-of-home or outdoor advertising

This simply refers to advertisements that are exposed outdoors. As one study has shown, outdoor advertising gets noticed by 78% of Australians each month with a reach of 88%!

All outdoor ads are durable and waterproof and UV resistant, as they’re constantly exposed to wind, temperature changes, and precipitation.

  1. One of the most common types of outdoor large format prints are billboards, which are generally located near high vehicle-traffic areas. They’re an efficient and cost-effective way of communicating information – be they product advertising or safety messages.
  2. Transit advertising. This covers the ads you see on buses, taxis, trains, bus stops, train stations and airports, including the newer innovation of wrap-around vehicles. When there’s a captive audience, there’s opportunity to advertise with wide format prints.
  3. Of course, there are other types – bulletin board ads, posters for services, etc. but for SME businesses, one of the most effective, high-impact, wide format prints you can invest in is outdoor signage as it is easily seen from a distance and will be easily remembered.

Large format printing is a worthwhile advertising solution that, when used strategically, can help you create brand awareness, launch a marketing campaign, and even target specific customers in a constant, frequent way to reinforce your brand message.

Something to keep in mind is that large format printing requires specialised equipment and specialised skills for design, production and installation, so it’s not something that every print house can produce.

Whatever your large format printing needs, we can help you! We can print on any media and any surface, and create custom-made large format graphics for marketing campaigns and events.

Speak with one of our consultants today and check out our full range of services!

Finally remember, bigger is always better!