SOS is Colour Certified

The SOS Print + Media Group has proudly received its ISO ANZ certificate.

ISO 12647 certification is fast becoming the world wide benchmark for colour printing and SOS has worked with Kayell Australia to achieve it:

  • The SOS prepress department has been trained on the ISO ICC techniques that are assessed by Fogra for 12647-2
  • SOS can produce proofs to ISO12647-2 standard which match at least two 12647-2 paper types
  • These 12647-2 compliant proofs can be verified to match the standard
  • SOS have ISO 3664 compliant lighting conditions in both prepress and on press
  • Continuous monitoring will ensure that SOS can successfully match the 12647-2 print standard

This certification means that SOS’s customers can benefit from fast, consistent, predictable colour reproduction via measurable standards from prepress through to print room.