Print Management

Pegasus provides solution focussed print management services to its customers following principles of quality, transparency, co-operation and long term sustainability. Pegasus strives to achieve long term supplier partnerships when sourcing products and services. Our dedicated print management team has years of experience in delivering cost effective print management services for a variety of clients, across a range of print and non print projects.

On Site vs Off Site Print Production

Pegasus has years of experience developing hybrid solutions where on site production is augmented by off-site production in our digital centre. Several large institutions are talking advantage of the quality and cost advantages that can be achieved by implementing a solution.


We are partnering with Asia Pac to source goods cost effectively with high quality guarantees. See Sourcing.

Domestic and International Distribute and Print Networks

In 1996 SOS built, and has since maintained, an Australia wide print and distribute network to provide print on demand services for educational and training organisations. This network provides just in time production in all capital cities and enables clients to react quickly to changing market conditions and helps avoid obsolescence.

Pegasus is part of a global print network that provides simultaneous print and distribution of financial research and marketing materials worldwide. The workflow for some of these documents is truly global: They may be written in Sydney in the early evening, sent to London for revision, legal checked in New York, sent to India for layout and then transferred to the Pegasus servers at midnight for production and distribution before 7 am

For some Australian clients we provide print services in Europe and North America to reduce shipping expenditure. We manage all artwork in Sydney and securely distribute files and orders to London or New York. We provide production in the regions and manage all aspects of the account locally, including billing.

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