Below is a brief check list we use for incoming files:

Prepress Check List
  • Document size: is the page size correct?
  • For Books and magazines: Is the cover of a suitable size? Covers are usually submitted as one flat sheet: back cover-spine-front cover. Text pages need sufficient margins.
  • Trims and bleeds: is bleed allowed for on cover and text pages (i.e. are printed areas that should go to the edge of the page extended beyond the cut marks)? We prefer 4mm bleed. Are folds clearly marked?
  • Colours: are colours for images and text defined correctly? CMYK for print, no spot colours for digital print. No RGB files to avoid surprises.
  • Image resolution: Are the images of high enough resolution? For offset print 300 dpi minimum, for digital it should be 240 dpi or above.
  • Fonts: are all fonts embedded?
  • Page count: are as many pages in the file as expected?
  • Varnishes and embellishments, knife lines: are varnishes, knife lines and embellishments set up as separate plates or on separate layers?

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