Personalised Print
Personalised Print

Personalised print or variable data imaging has the potential to drastically increase response rates compared to mass produced items. Direct mail is one of the most effective and trusted forms of marketing.

Whether postcard, poster or whole book, we have the technology to vary every single page and insert relevant text and images to increase the impact of your document.  Going far beyond the usual variation of address and salutation this can result in a completely database driven document composition.

A few examples of recent projects:

  • A postcard with a coupon for a personalised special offer and details of the nearest dealer
  • A 1,5 million direct mail run with personalised information in 18 variables relating to previous spending
  • Individual codes on printed items to unlock additional online content
  • Barcoded and individualised tickets offering custom opportunities at events
  • Statements referring to the individual’s account
  • Location based messaging, relating to nearby discount purchasing opportunities
  • Newsletter contents based on an individual’s wine taste

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