Read books and sleep better

The mattress review site Sleep Junkie recently published a survey about bedtime reading habits and sleeping patterns. They surveyed over 2,000 people in the US and analysed answers from 1,000 respondents who either read frequently before falling asleep or not.

People who read, quote relaxation (81%), stress reduction (65%), help falling asleep (63%), centering of the mind (63%) and improving sleep quality (50%) as the benefits of reading.

When looking at the device used to read, the results are clear: people who read printed books feel more relaxed and do sleep better. Sleep quality is consistently higher for books readers compared to people who use a phone or a tablet in bed. Bedtime readers are significantly more satisfied with their sleep and experience less trouble falling asleep. People who use technology in bed have difficulty falling asleep much more frequently (39%) than those who keep the bedroom technology free (15%).

For more information and statistics, check out the article at Sleep Junkie.