The modern printing industry is quickly adapting to the digital economy and moving beyond the manufacturing sector. Its operations now encompass services, information technology, communications and creative. This evolving integrated print information and communication supply chain overlays many industry sectors in Australia, including new and emerging industry segments moving into multi-channel options within the marketing mix, never explored before now. Examples of this include the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) within the printed image, to expand the buying experience beyond ink of paper and into the digital realm.

Beyond 2020

Print will remain an important communication vehicle in a digital economy particularly for advertising, education, healthcare and personal care, retail and entertainment. It serves all parts of the economy including federal, state and local government, financial services, retailing, distribution, logistics, travel and tourism and manufacturing.

Innovation within display and packaging will contribute to the success of other areas of manufacturing such as processed food, health products and high-end engineering. Print will always remain a crucial channel for communication, crucial to maintaining high standards of literacy, crucial to patient care and support, crucial to marketing executives and brand owners, and crucial to ensuring the success of any consumer campaign in our every evolving world of consumer engagement. If you would like more information upon how we can help your business integrate your print and digital communications, please feel welcome to send an email to

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