Variable Data Printing


Tickets for the Manly Sea Eagles

When the Manly Sea Eagles needed barcoded tickets for their Corporate Match Days, SOS designed and developed a complex variable data application.
Printed in high quality on the Xeikon digital press, these tickets contain thirteen variable areas including date, seating arrangement, player image, turnstile barcode, colour coding and ticket number. The image quality did not only matter for the presentation of the ticket as a marketing document, it also was imperative for the readability or the barcode. The fused toner is ideal, as it does not smudge even when wet.
SOS produced around 14.000 individual tickets per season.

The possibilities of variable imaging are still far from their limit, with further variable options, such as personalisation of tickets front and back with clients’ names, additional co-branding, individual discounts and added value through links to online offers.