How to Create the WOW factor

Dressing up the office

The new wall signage in our POS office was designed and produced in house using our Canon large format printer and ProCut digital cutter. The concept for the office took a few days to design, once we agreed on the visual concepts, we conducted a site measure up of the area to ensure the design would fit the wall space correctly. Once this was all done we were able to go into production.

The graphics were printed on Anthracite Mirror Dibond. Not an easy feat: Professional large format signage printers use inkjets and dry the ink instantly using UV lamps. Printing on highly reflective mirroring materials is tricky, says Ben, our operator: “You have to be very careful to make sure that the reflected UV light does not dry the ink immediately as it comes out of the nozzles.”

The font outline overlaid the art and was used as the knife line for the digital cutter.

The result is stunning, constantly changing with the light and movement in the room. This is a great way to connect and engage with all.